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About Us

Where It All Started

After meeting through a mutual friend while both in the midst of planning their own weddings, Gaby and Sarah discovered an affinity for planning, artistry, and all things wedding! More than that, they shared a love of helping other couples navigate through the process of organizing their special day, and decided to start doing it professionally.

Sarah hails from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Chicago after graduate school to start her career as an actor and her life with her then-boyfriend (now-husband) after they went through two years long-distance. Sarah has always had a love for planning and organizing, and goes gaga for anything with white lace, tulle, and a hint of sparkle! She knows first-hand how stressful planning a wedding can be, but wants nothing more than to help couples find the joy in the journey leading up to this special day in their lives! She would be thrilled to assist with your wedding in any capacity!

Gaby is an Illinois native (Summer? What's that?). She is originally from Peoria, but has lived in various cities in Illinois and also spent time working at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. She has lived in Chicago for almost four years now, and loves city living. She recently got married herself to her boyfriend of 6 years, James. Gaby has always loved planning events for just about anything. Themed parties, fancy galas, game nights, you name it, she will find a way to make it extra special for guests. Planning a wedding, however, is something that no bride (unless you have been married previously) can truly be "ready" for. With planning her own wedding checked off her list, Gaby is now on a mission to spread her knowledge, experience, and creativity to anyone who asks. Everyone should have a little help for their big day, so let's plan something together! 

DeBell Wedding

Sarah and her husband Zach - Married August 11, 2019

Sarah & Gaby

Sarah Bell & Gaby Martineau - partners in crime! Uhh, I mean, wedding planning!!

Martineau Matrimony

Gaby and her husband James - Married May 26, 2018

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