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Let's get to know you!

The Checklist

Below you will see categories of services and specific services within that category. Feel free to select any service you want our help with, even ones you're not sure about yet. There is no obligation to work with us or any contracts to sign with this form, and the know we more about where you are with planning and how we can help, the better! So go ahead - check that box.

Vendor Research and Correspondence - whether you just need some help researching vendors in your area and budget, or you want us to take the reins!
Wedding Coordination - comes with 2 planning sessions to get acquainted and prepared for the big day!
Bridesmaid for Hire - oh yes, you read that right!
Wedding Party Style Assistance - for when you need an unbiased eye!
Design & Concept - we ARE artists, after all!
Speech & Public Speaking - we ARE actors, after all!

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

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