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Explore what we offer and how we can best fulfill your planning needs. From Day-Of to Full Planning services and everything in between, all services offered are fully customizable and charged at an hourly rate, so you only pay for what you get.

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Day-Of Services

All Day-Of Services include 2 in-person meetings* with your Coordinator to go over details, desires, vision, and anything else necessary, 1 - 6 weeks before the big day! Once these services have been booked and you're ready to set up a meeting, you can head over to our Meeting Calendar to schedule.


*Rate: 1 - 2 cups of coffee

Setting up and tearing-down your wedding can be tedious and take a lot of time - time you should spend RELAXING, and CELEBRATING, and enjoying your day! We'll go over how you want each space to be set up, how it needs to be torn down, and then we'll make it happen!

Set-up & Tear-down

Rate: $80/hr

No need to wrangle your family, wedding party, and officiant just so you can practice walking down the aisle. Let us handle the madness so you can focus on getting MARRIED! We'll cover the processional, ceremony program, recessional, and any other elements needed to make sure the main event runs smoothly!

Rehearsal Direction

Rate: $80/hr

This is where the real magic happens. We'll act as the point of contact for all vendors and know your timeline like the back of our hands, ensuring every element of your wedding goes just the way you want it, when you want it to happen. Let us handle it all so you can ENJOY your wedding day!

Vendor Management & Flow

Rate: $80/hr


Vendor Assistance

Research Assistance

Rate: $40/hr

Finding the right vendors when there are SO many can be frustrating and overwhelming. Let us do the heavy lifting! We'll get an idea of what you're looking for and your budget and come back with a solid set of options for you to choose from!

Full Correspondence

Rate: $80/hr

Hey. You're getting married. Who says you have to deal with ANY of the stressful BS? Let us take the reins. This option comes with consistent meetings so we know exactly what you want and you know where everything stands. It's your wedding and your vision, but let it be OUR job!


Bridesmaid for Hire

Basic 'Maid Duties

Rate: $80/hr

Sometimes we don't want to burden our friends and family with wedding planning STUFF, but need someone to bounce ideas off of or help with DIY projects. We can be that for you! Whether you need light planning help, or just someone to even out your wedding party, we gotcha covered!

Light Coordination

Rate: $80/hr

Need someone to stand up and even out your wedding party, AND make sure the DJ arrives on time to play the processional? Sometimes we ask our party members to help with day-of coordination, but we'd also like them to enjoy themselves and celebrate with us, not work! We can definitely fill both of those (fabulous) shoes for you!


Style Assistance

Bride/Bridal Party

Rate: $40/hr

Bride's dress shopping, bridesmaid dress shopping, shoes, accessories - wow! It can be a lot to just think about, let alone make sure it all LOOKS good. We love making many separate pieces come together, and would happily provide insight and tips, as well as attend any appointments necessary! 


Groom's Party

Rate: $40/hr

Yeah, the guys don't have an many options as the girls - at least, that's what you think now! Coordinating menswear can be just as confusing and overwhelming. We would love to provide tips and advice and attend any appointments to make sure you and your party look SHARP!


Design & Concept

Brainstorming Session

Rate: Varies

You might think you know what you want for your wedding...and then Pintrist makes you question EVERYTHING. Let's get together and brainstorm! Bring notes, pictures, pieces you love, anything and everything that makes you excited about your wedding, and we'll help you define and refine that vision so you can get things going!

Fill in the Gaps

Rate: Varies

Maybe you know you what you want for centerpieces...but what on EARTH will the head table look like? Or escort cards, or space decor, or...UGH. Let us help. You bring what you have - no matter how much or how little! - and we'll help fill in those gaps!

Personality Picks

Rate: Varies

No clue where to start? We can help. You and your future-spouse will sit down with us and we'll get to know you - as individuals, as a couple, as a future family! Then we'll go away for a while and come back with some ideas for you to run with (or not!). Sometimes it takes an outside eye to see what makes you two so special!


Speeches & Speaking

Speech Writing

Rate: Varies

Giving a speech? Want to make sure you honor your friends without being too dry or inappropriate or not sentimental enough or - don't worry. We can help. We'll work with you to bring out the best of the happy couple while being true to yourself and your relationship with them. The framework is ours, but the words will be yours!

Public Speaking

Rate: Varies

Speaking in front of people is no easy task - and that's coming from two actors who do it A LOT. If you need some assistance ensuring you're okay speaking - whether it's vows or a toast - we have all the inside tricks to make sure you're heard, understood, and, most importantly, comfortable!